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A Lakeside Wedding

Annie and Cam at camp where they were both counsellors and I think that their wedding day was really just a re-enactment of all of the fun and some of the shenanigans that they would have gotten up to there.

It’s only fitting that the outdoors and Rice Lake would play a prominent role for the wedding.  The groom and his men pontooned in to meet his bride, the lake was the background for the ceremony and throughout the evening guests mingled and chatted while enjoying the peace and the loveliness. The day even involved an outing to landmark Rhino’s which as we all know showcases the best Rice Lake has to offer.

And then the reception…Puppies peeking out from under tables, Clark Griswold’s moose mugs and kids breaking in the dance floor…Then, a simple mixture of two incredible bands (including an 80s cover band!) and some killer dance moves around a pole and the reception transformed from fun to epic.

Welcome to a Lake weddingDecor at a backyard weddingTable at a reception in a tentBackyard-lake-wedding-venueBride getting ready before weddingFlower girl inspecting herself in the mirrorFlower girl getting her hair done.Flower girl getting dressed.Bride helping flower girl get ready for the wedding.Bride putting on her veilBride and her mom getting ready before wedding.BrideBride and bridesmaid before her wedding.Bride photography.Groomsmen getting ready.wedding-photographer-RiceLake60Wedding beer in Bewdley.Break on wedding day.Wedding fun at the bar.Groom arriving to ceremony on a pontoon boat.Groomsmen arriving to wedding ceremony.Groomsmen documentary wedding photography.Bride and father walking down the aisleBride looking at her father.  Groom waiting for his bride at their wedding ceremony.Father giving away his daughter at her wedding.Wedding ceremony overlooking the lake.Bride saying her wedding vows.Documentary wedding ceremony photographyBride and groomRice Lake wedding ceremony.Cottage wedding ceremony.Bride and groom after ceremony.Bride giving ringboy a high five.Bride giving her mom a hug.Bride and groom wedding day portrait.Bride, groom and dog portrait.Groom portrait at Rice Lake, OntarioGroomsmen in birkenstocks.Bride wedding photography.Bride portrait at the lake.Wedding day photograph of bride.Weddng portrait.Entrance to wedding reception.Bride and grooms first dance at an outdoor weddingKids watching the first dance.Dog at weddng reception.Groom and flower girl having fun at reception.Toast at wedding reception.Bride and groom have a moment at their reception.Lakeside wedding.Picture taking during lakeside weding.Rice Lake wedding photography.Bride and groom on the dock.wedding-photography-cottage-ontario99Bride and groom lake wedding.Sign at lake wedding.Band at lake house weddingBand at weddingBand at tent wedding receptionDancing at wedding receptionDancing at lake weddingwedding-photography-cottage-ontario29Wedding reception Cobourg, OntarioBride and groom at their reception.Dancing at wedding reception

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