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A Northumberland Hills Sunrise Engagement

Ahhhh…the elusive sunrise session.  Rarely does anyone take me up on the offer to crawl out of their warm bed to face the dawn in order to be photographed.  Therefore, when Alix and Anthony (enthusiastically) took me up on the offer, my cold Canadian  heart was warmed.

 I grumbled through my alarm on a Saturday morning and stumbled out to be greeted by air that was chilly.  I was on my way to meet Alix and Anthony.

It was lovely to get to know these two.   They’re from opposite ends of the world – warm, sunny Australia meets cold Canada.  Alix has made this incredible leap of faith and found herself in small town Ontario.   Besides her courage, Alix is one of the warmest people I have ever met and asked me a ton of questions about my life.  It was the way an engagement session should be – a bit of a chat, exploring a beautiful place and capturing what makes Alix and Anthony, Alix and Anthony.

You’re invited to our early morning adventure – up the hill and under the apple tree greeting the dawn with blankets and tea and enough adorableness to make you melt.

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Gerry kept an eye on everything.
Horse at farm

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