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A Winter Wedding

Winter…it’s the season we all love to hate.  I have nothing, but admiration for Alix and Anthony and their decision to embrace the season and have their wedding in January.  As it turns out, this was the right decision.  Ontario’s winter beauty was the perfect backdrop for an intimate and handmade wedding celebration.  And instead of being a drawback, the winter temperatures seemed to make everything a little bit cozier, a little bit more special and a whole lot heartfelt.

From getting ready in the Grafton Inn’s beautiful Pumpkin House to cutting the cake, the day was filled with emotion. I have a small tendency to find myself a little choked up at wedding celebrations.  I love to hear the speeches and witness all of the love everyone has for the couple, and this wedding was especially bittersweet.   Alix’s family and friends flew in from a balmy Australia.  They landed on what may have been the coldest, iciest day of the winter.  Some of them had never even seen snow!  Despite all this, the frigid temperatures did nothing to damper the joy of everyone gathered. The day was cozy and intimate.  It was a pleasure for me to witness and document the delight of these two to have found each other.

Amazing Venue is the Grafton Village Inn.

The wedding was impeccably coordinated/planned by Sylvia Coretti of Garden Girl Events in Cobourg.

The cake was beyond delicious and was provided by the bakery at Ste Anne’s Spa.

I cannot rave enough about the catering, Be Catering from Peterborough.

wedding ringsPhotograph of groom getting readyGroom getting readygroom putting his shoes onPortrait of groomGrafton-village-rustic-winter-wedding005Grafton Village InnReception at the Grafton Village InnToronto Ontario winter weddingPlace setting at Grafton Village inn wedding receptionGrafton-village-rustic-winter-wedding010Wedding reception details at the Grafton Village InnGrafton-village-rustic-winter-wedding008Grafton village inn wedding receptionPumpkin house at the Grafton Village InnVintage-lace-wedding-dressBride getting ready at the Grafton Village InnNorthumberland-winter-wedding-photography015Bride getting readyNorthumberland-winter-wedding-photography018
Bride and bridesmaids getting readyBack of lace wedding dressBrideBride in lace wedding dressToronto Documentary photographerRustic-Toronto-winter-wedding001Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding003Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding005Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding006Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding008Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding010Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding007Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding009Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding011Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding013Rustic-winter-weddingRustic-Toronto-winter-wedding014Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding015Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding017Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding018Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding019Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding020Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding021Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding022Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding023Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding024Rustic-Toronto-winter-wedding025Rustic wedding ceremony at the Grafton Village InnIntimate and rustic winter wedding in OntarioRustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography033Rustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography035Rustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography034Rustic chic winter wedding at the Grafton Village InnRustic chic wedding ceremonyRustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography037Rustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography038First KissBride and groom during wedding ceremony, documentary weddingRustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography041Brdie and groom just married
Rustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography043Rustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography045Rustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography046Bridal party portraitBridesmaids at a Ontario winter weddingBride portrait in Ontario winter weddingRomantic photograph of bride and groomWinter wedding Grafton Village InnVeil shot at winter weddingPort Hope wedding photographyBridePortrait at the Grafton Village InnRustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography071Rustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography073Rustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography074Rustic-Ontario-winter-wedding-photography078Documentary wedding photographyPhotojournalistic wedding photographySparkler exit at Winter wedding

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