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As a kid, my brothers and I were always corralled into posing for pictures. The eye roll captured in my 16th birthday pictures betrays me as an unwilling participant. Today, these are the pictures that I love sorting through. I love all those old pictures and they give me a glimpse into what my parents as newlyweds or me as a new big sister. And today, I find myself doing the coralling, though I do it much better – obviously!

Watching my own kids grow up too quickly makes me desperate to grasp onto these moments and hold them before they slip away. I suppose this need has always formed the basis for my love of photography. Pictures are more than just a visual representation, they are our memories of times and events that happen so fast. They bring us back to the places and emotions of the moment.


*I’d rather swim in a lake than a pool.

*I couldn’t function without my coffee.

*I have to remind myself to slow down and take it all in.

*I love to get my hair done just so I can read the trashy magazines!


I am located in Coboug, ON and geographical areas of coverage include the GTA, north to Peterborough, including cottage county and east to Kingston.

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