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Alison, Dan and Owen

Every photograph I take- every photograph I see- they each have a different effect on me.

Alison, Dan and baby Owen brought back those early memories of navigating life with a new baby.  Oh…the sleeplessness!   The wonder and the worry of babies who get up too early, stay up too late and only nap 45 minutes at a time.  Because…you didn’t realise that they might do this and you’re obsessed with the why of it all.

And it’s inevitable that you will wonder why we do this to ourselves (especially, those of us who do it more than once!).  But, then you look at your little person, this little person who is of you and is a part of you forever, and he or she gives you these looks, these looks that are full of their personality and full of their love for you and just full of the promise of the person they will someday be.  And you know…you KNOW that you have been entrusted with this child, and it’s a privilege.

The connection between this sweet baby and his parents was so obvious, it just bled through the photos.

Owen wasn’t really sure of this whole photography business, so I ended up coming back a second time for more photos.  His mom was apologetic, but really, what can you do?  Babies get all sorts of privileges, including the privilege of not performing for the (hardworking!) photographer.  This session is one of my favourites, because there is no pretending.  This is Owen and this is his family.

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