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Dear Baby Bennett

When your mom and I discussed having a newborn session, we talked about two options. One, we could do it within a few days of your birth and you’d be a sleepy, curly, squishy babe or two, we could wait and see if you’d wake up a bit so that we could capture your emerging personality. The joke was on us, because you were the perfect sleeping speciment, the dream of most newborn photographers. We may have gotten a glimpse of those beautiful eyes of yours, but just a glimpse, no more!  Further proof that no matter what, babies come out their own little people.

Baby Bennett, despite your late night crying jags, we all agree that you are just the loveliest, sweetest thing. You fit so perfectedly in your mama’s arms, they were made just for you. And it’s so obvious that your dad couldn’t be prouder.

Oliver, is well, Oliver and hopefully he will be a good furry buddy to you when you are older.

Getting to meet and capture newborns does my heart good. There is something impossibly sweet about a new family and those first weeks when life is put on hold to get to know a new baby.
Thanks Caitlin and Brandon for inviting me to be a part of it.

P.S.  I sent Caitlin this link a few days after our session – Yelp reviews of babies.  It may help if you are looking to make an informed decision.

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