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One – A Documentary Family Photography Session

One.  One is all sorts of new.  It’s wobbly legs struggling to keep up with a will that won’t quit. It’s baby strollers for dolls careening around corners.  It’s all teethy smiles, dimpled knuckles and wrist rolls.

Oh Everleigh, how much fun it has been for me to see your mom and dad become spouses, new parents and now parents of a toddler!  In the past year, you have transformed into a little girl with e spunk in spades (I wonder where you got that from 😉 –  you are only steps away from conquering the world.  You are embracing this new stange in your life and all you want is to go, go, go and then you realise that you are going and all you want is to retreat to the safety of your parents. You pause there for 1.2 seconds, you realise you are holding still and then you go, go, go.  It’s so lovely, and I loved being there to record this part of your story.

I felt like this family photography session was all about what it means to be a parent. Our job is to let our kids go, be independent, make their mark.  And then be there for them when they need a soft place to land.  I just don’t understand why all of the children are in such a rush to blaze through life.  Everleigh, if you stay little just a bit longer, I promise I’ll hold down that darn cat of yours!


Snowy family photographCobourg-pet-photographyAt-home-family-photography-sessionMom and daughterDaddy and his daughterHolding onto babyEverleigh2014030Mom and baby playing at homewindow portraitEverleigh2014038Everleigh2014041Everleigh2014042Everleigh2014043Family portrait at homeReal life family portraitbaby-portraitEverleigh2014058Everleigh2014062Everleigh2014080Everleigh2014085Smiling baby with daddyEvery day photographyEverleigh2014090Everleigh2014091Unscripted family photoEverleigh2014071In home lifestyle photography sessionDaughter playing with momMOm and babeMom cuddling babyFamily and dog photographyMom snuggling baby - documentary style photographybaby and mom playingNatural family photographyMom playing with babybaby crawling toward mombaby and momPHotograph of Mom breastfeeding babyToronto documentary family photographyMom and baby bondingphoto of mom breastfeeding baby





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