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Pre-wedding questionnaire – full

Pre-wedding questionnaire - full

  • Phone number where you can be reached on the wedding day.
  • Phone number where you can be reached the day of your wedding
  • You can also email me if you already have a separate timeline.
  • Couples Portraits - the fun stuff! No really, it's fun...:)

    20-60 minutes time is recommended for couples portraits. Let's talk about where and when we should schedule them. Typically, some portraits are taken in between the ceremony and the reception. If at all possible, we also go out at sunset to take really pretty pictures in really pretty light.
  • Family and attendant portraits -

  • Family and Attendant Group Photos **please refer to my family formal guide at http://www.rachaeljoyphotography.com/family-formals/

    Please allow at least 3-5 minutes per grouping, more if the group is 5+ persons. The timeline for group photos is dependent on how many set ups there are.
    The Family Formal Guide can be found at http://www.rachaeljoyphotography.com/family-formals/
  • Wedding Party photos

    Typically I will do 2 separate set-ups for the entire wedding party photos and then 1 maybe 2 different set-ups for the group shots of each set of attendants.
    I tend to complete the wedding party photos quickly to get everyone back to the party as soon as possible.
  • Names of your Vendors:

    This section isn't necessary to complete, but it's helpful for me and really helpful for me to be able to make recommendations to future clients.
    If we are not, we will need 30 minutes to go and grab something to eat. Can we also have two chairs set aside for us to be able to sit down?
  • I am so excited to be working with you! Please, if you have any questions email me or call at 289-251-4813. Thanks!!

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