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Welcome to this website.

This photography blog is the culmination of a hobby becoming so much more and eventually becoming what you see today, a business.  A business which I am incredibly proud to launch.

I want to give a quick thank-you to everyone who has helped me to get this far, my family, friends and clients for being amazingly supportive and trusting me to photograph yourselves, your families and your most treasured events. You will probably find yourself among these pages.  It has been an honour to be allowed into your homes and your lives and I have so enjoyed my time spent with each and every one of you.  You make this job easy and fun.

A special thank-you to my dad and his love of photography, because despite the time my 16 year old self spent glaring at the camera I guess that something sunk in and here I am today.

Drew and Desmond, two of the loveliest (and devilish) children to grace this planet have been a source of constant inspiration and many laughs as I struggle to keep up with the way they are constantly evolving.   Kids have this magical way of keeping us in the moment and I am so thankful for this.  My love of photography is driven by my desire to capture these fleeting moments and my biggest wish is that Drew and Desmond will be grateful for the many (many!!) pictures I have taken.

None of this would be possible without the constant love and support of my amazing husband Keith.  Keith is my biggest cheerleader and supporter and whether he’s discussing business or carting my equipment he has this unwavering belief in me.   Our own marriage is the reason why I love photographing weddings and believe in the promises made in them.   He is truly a partner to me in every sense of the word.

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